Better Bones via Weight-bearing Exercise
posted on November 8, 2016

​Building bone mass is crucial for combating bone disorders. By the time a woman is 30 years old, she has reached maximum bone density. Women generally have less bone mass than men when both genders reach their bone density peak. Women also lose bone mass at a very rapid rate after menopause because estrogen levels drop; this hormone contributes to bone strength...

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Ankle Injuries: Rehabilitation Approaches
posted on September 29, 2016

Ankle injuries are among the most common athletic hindrances. Jumping sports such as basketball and volleyball produce the majority of ankle injuries, although nonathletes can easily injure an ankle simply by stepping onto an uneven surface, such as a stone. Rehabilitation following an ankle injury is crucial to managing pain and preventing future injury...

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Core Reasons to Strengthen Your Core
posted on January 17, 2017

Everyone seems to be talking about "core strengthening," but many people don't know what this phrase means. The body's "core" refers to the muscles around the abdomen, pelvis, back, shoulders, chest and hips- the body's center of gravity- all working together in a symphony of movement. As a result, it plays a role in virtually all activities. From sitting to standing to...

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Eating Before Exercise
posted on May 5, 2017

Adequate nutrition and hydration can make or break your workout or race, and also greatly effect how you feel, work and think. With a better understanding of nutrition, you can more easily look, feel and perform your best. How and when you eat also determines your storage of glycogen (energy) in your muscles, and how quickly you are...

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