Let our physical therapists show you how to do the RIGHT exercises the RIGHT way in order to get you stronger, more flexible, better balanced, and able to continue maintaining the progress that you make with us, long after you “graduate” from physical therapy.
Our physical therapists will take time to talk with you one-on-one about your symptoms and ask the right questions to help get to their root cause. They will assess the way you move, the way you walk, your posture, your strength, your flexibility and more to determine a comprehensive treatment plan made specifically for you.
One of the most effective "tools" in the PT's "toolbox" is his or her hands. Their expertise in various hands-on techniques will help get you moving better. These may include:
  • massage/soft tissue mobilization
  • myofascial release
  • stretching/joint mobilization
  • muscle energy techniques
  • manual cervical or lumbar traction
  • taping methods (such as KT taping).
Therapeutic Exercise Instruction
Manual Therapy
In order to help improve localized circulation, increase tissue extensibility, promote tissue healing, fight inflammation, and inhibit pain receptors, our physical therapists may incorporate any of the following:
  • electrical stimulation ("TENS")
  • ultrasound
  • heating pads
  • ice packs/ice massage
Physical Modalities
Services We Offer
Depending on your injury, your doctor and/or physical therapist will determine what modes of treatment will benefit you the most. That may include any or all of the following. Hover over each category to learn more about what that could entail.

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