“I started my therapy around 2 months ago. I had strong knee pain when I started. I feel much much better now. Jason is so helpful and listening from the beginning. The whole Athalon crew is so helpful and nice. Thank you all." - Onur C.
"I am grateful to Jason Klein and the staff at Athalon for the first-class treatment that I received. I was always supervised (thanks Steve) and had lots of hands-on therapy. My flexibility and neck rotation have improved." - Mary M.
“When I came to Athalon, I was experiencing knee pain that was moderate to severe at times. Going up & down stairs was painful and I had trouble running, doing squats, and lunges. I came to Athalon through a reference and worked with Jason and Ricky to integrate mobility exercises into my workout. I have been pain-free for almost a month, and I look forward to building strength & mobility for the better of my body. Thank you!” – Gregory J.
“I’m a Pilates instructor and I injured my ankle and struggled with at least two forms of tendonitis. Ricky is amazing- my ankle is almost completely back to normal after 8 sessions, and I’m finally back to my normal activities.” – Emily S.
“Ricky has been incredible at helping me towards recovering from a second sprained ankle. His upbeat attitude combined with his knowledge and passion for PT has made my experience with Athalon enjoyable and memorable. I highly recommend Athalon & Ricky to anyone looking for a PT who not only will help you reach your goals towards recovery, but who CARES! Thanks for all the laughs, Ricky.” – Nicole Z.
“Prior to my initial visit at Athalon, I’ve been experiencing chronic back pain. After approximately 10 sessions of therapy, my life has been completely changed. The service was excellent, the staff A++. From the moment you walk in you feel welcome. Bravo to my therapist Ricky. Keep up the good work!!” – Salome D.
“Cannot thank you all enough for getting me back to racing shape after my ACL reconstruction! Back to 70.3s next year & Ricky Hudson I dedicate my first Ironman to you!” – Jenna D.
“I came to Athalon after years of pain and tightness in my hips. Just six months with Ricky and the team has completely eliminated my pain. When one pesky spot in my left hip acts up, I now have exercises and stretches I can do to get my hip back to normal on my own. I'm back to exercising happily and feel better than I have in years. Thank you Ricky, Jason, Dexter, Aliyah, and the whole team!” – Kathryn T.
“Before starting PT with Ricky I could not run at all and going down the stairs was sooo painful. Thanks to the exercises and knowledge of Ricky & the Athalon team I am now able to not only run but even do martial arts and dance merengue again. Thank you guys for always being so nice!!!” – Andre S.
"I have come to Athalon for several different injuries and each time Jason and the entire staff have been extremely professional and helpful. They helped me rehab a torn ACL, hamstring tear, and broken elbow. I have gotten back to my regular work routine and exercise/dance classes. Thanks for everything!" - Kelli K.
"I came into Athalon at the recommendation of my training partner after having tried on my own to rehab Runner's Knee. Time was of the essence as I had a marathon to run in three weeks. Jason quickly identified some of the root causes of the injury and helped me (both physically/mentally) to set a plan to run the NYC Marathon. It worked! I was able to run the race with very little pain, AND set a new personal best. I'm still in shock. Thank you so much Athalon!" - Seth B.

Athalon Physical Therapy
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"I had almost given up hope of ever walking again without severe ankle and foot pain. It's a horrible situation to be in living in New York City! But a doctor recommended Athalon so I gave it a try. Unlike the other chain PT establishments, at Athalon I got a great deal of personal attention. From Day One, I knew this would be different- Ricky really listened to my observations & concerns and paid attention to my strengths and weaknesses. I can walkk again without great pain! YAY! Thanks to Ricky and all the kind people at Athalon." - Lynn R.
"I was a backseat passenger in a car accident in September. I had terrible whiplash and was treated by both an acupuncturist and chiropractor. They both offered helpful remedies, but the practice that offered the most healing was PT with Jason, Ricky, Dexter, the whole Athalon team. After months of uncertainty and discomfort, I'm finally feeling stronger, healthier and the most connected I've felt to my body. SO grateful!" - Juliette J.
“I started here with walking pain & limped for weeks due to a fractured right ankle. Today, I left happily- able to walk in full function, Life is good." - Carrie M.
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