Our Practice

Athalon PT opened in 2001 with a mission to apply our expertise with a focus on providing individualized care. We offer physical therapy for non-operative orthopedic, sports and spinal injuries and rehabilitation following arthroscopic, joint replacement and spinal surgeries. Your unique experience starts the moment you walk in the door at Athalon. Our friendly office staff is here to answer all of your administrative questions, your appointment will be started promptly and your physical therapist will tailor your treatment plan to you, and with the expertise of our staff, you can realize your full potential. Our exemplary model of care has led to the trust of New York City’s top physicians and thousands of patients in the metropolitan area.

Depending on your injury, your doctor and/or physical therapist will determine what modes of treatment will benefit you the most. Check out the services we offer to learn more about what that could entail.

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